Monday, February 8, 2010

We have had quite a time of it with snow and cold weather. As I type this, the temperature is threatening to go below zero, and there is over two feet of snow on the ground.
Normally, I don't chronicle our days on this blog in a typical fashion; I share glimpses of our days... and sometimes leave out the "juicy" parts. Like last week when our shower fixture broke- I was going into the lobby of the Mission(thrift store) to use the phone. The lady forgot to tell me that there was wet paint everywhere, and I left the place coated in white paint.
I had left the children at home without running water(I was in town to get the parts to fix the pipes). I called home to see how they were doing and Ben said, "Oh, we're fine! if you put a cup of snow in the microwave for twenty seconds, you get a cup of ice water." Lord, I hope they were using clean snow, I seriously prayed!!!
I was telling my sister about our day, and she remarked," you ought to put some of that stuff on your blog." I always thought it would sound whiny. After thinking about it, however, I realize that it is precisely these kinds of scenarios that bind our hearts together. I have a relatively small readership on my blog, and most of my faithful readers are family and friends.
There are some readers that I have never met, yet there is a common bond between us;something has drawn you to see our little corner of the world. For this I am honored! But you need to know the "real" me. I want to remember the real me, as well.
So here is another "real-life" scenario to chronicle on the blog. Last night the pipes froze under the bathroom. This has happened several times this winter; usually the pipes thaw, and life goes on rather uneventfully! Today, however, something went awry. When I turned the washing machine on, the water started spraying everywhere!! I screamed to John Paul, "Turn The water off!!!!!There's a broken pipe!!!!"
The water is down in the basement, which you have to go outside to get to. The water was going EVERYWHERE, and John Paul came running back to the house yelling, "I can't get into the basement. The snow is covering the door and I can't find the shovel!" I ran outside in my socks(ARRGHHH!), found a pick(the only thing I could find) and started madly getting two feet of snow off of the basement doors.
We finally got to the water and shut it off. I was picturing life without water for at least two days.
Now we get to the amazing part of the story! I called my neighbor who has done some simple plumbing repairs for us in the past. He is an older gentleman- about seventy-five or older. He said he didn't know if he could make it over because his truck was piled under snow.
How I surprised I was to see him come to the door a half an hour later!!! Not only did he come so promptly, he had all the right parts with him. Within an hour he had fixed the pipe! I was so thankful.I was thinking to myself later in the day how when life gets messy, it is time to start watching the blessings pour in.

Anna enjoys playing in the luxury of running water!
"The Law came in so that the transgression would increase; but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more." Romans 5:20