Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nightlife At Our House

Emily made a "fortune teller" out of paper, and Tommy was telling everyone their fortunes. I couldn't resist putting on this video clip of his fortune telling. The deafening noise you hear in the background is Mary Margaret frantically digging through a huge box of legos(Emily was getting a little annoyed!). I like the way the fortune-teller hustles out of the room, making sure his towel doesn't get the best of him!

Oliver made a jail out of legos for his soldiers, and then set up a scene with real snow, blackberry jelly for blood, and his jail in the middle. I decided he would have to put those pictures on his own blog(he wanted me to put them here!) As I write, it is almost one in the morning, and Tommy is having the rare treat of staying up with big brother (Will). They are playing the dirt bike game on Will's X-box. Tommy must be pretty reved up, because I can hear him from all the way across the house and downstairs. So what else has been going on tonight? I came up to Will's room to see what on earth he was doing(I hadn't seen him in several hours.) I had to keep from laughing. He was sitting on his couch, phone cradled to his ear, laptop open on his lap, and both hands occupied with an x-box controller. Does it get anymore teenagey than that? John Paul, Emily, and I played a short game of Monopoly(I think I have played two whole games of Monopoly in my entire life). Then JohnPaul helped Emily set up a Runescape account. We read several stories, including Tough Boris by Mem Fox-really great story, by the way. We tidied up the house, Emily helped me bathe the little ones, and then I spent an hour and a half lying down with Anna~she finally nodded off! Now I am eagerly anticipating my cozy bed....goodnight!