Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Grammar Lesson

Tonight I was doing some "Fear Factor" Mad Libs with the kids:

Emily: Name a Verb.

Mom: Chop

John Paul: Mom, Your words are so weak!!!!!

Mom: what do you mean?

John Paul: You need to use stronger words.

Emily: OK. Name an adjective.

Mom: (trying to use a "stronger" word) conspicuous!

John Paul: Mom, you just use the weakest words.

Emily: Another verb

Mary Margaret: sebastian!

Mom: Honey, sebastian is not a verb. It's a name.

John Paul: That's perfect, Mary Margaret! From now on I declare that "sebastian" means "to

slam"... like, to "sebastian" something against a wall.

Mom: O.K.?

Emily: Adjective.

John Paul: Texas-petish

Mom: O.K., O.K., I know what you mean by strong words. It means to use words in a non-conventional way and twist them into different parts of speech to make conversation interesting.

John Paul: Exactly!!!!