Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fat Tuesday Fun

We made almost 40 Fasnachts today! Most of the children had them for dinner. Fasnachts are a long standing tradition in our family, and I can't remember a "fat" Tuesday without them:

Growing up, we always ate them with Turkey syrup (a lot like corn syrup). Our children prefer maple syrup!

Later on Mary Margaret requested potato soup because "It's the goodest soup!" Tommy, Anna, and Mary Margaret made it start to finish. Even Anna helped chop the potatoes. She was also snitching everything she could while they were cooking the soup! :

"Is it done yet, Mary Margaret?" Anna learns so much from her big sister:

"Let me see.... Yes! Delicious!!!!" :

Elsewhere around the house today: Still a very snowy landscape...not much outdoor play. Oliver sewed a gift for a special someone(can't give it away!!) While Mary Margaret, Tommy, and Anna were making soup, the other children were at open gym. It's so nice that Will can transport them back and forth now!!! We finished reading Charlotte's Web, and will start on a Redwall book tomorrow. Also, I am reading a book called The Hidden Power Of Kindness by Father Lovasik with the children for Lent. I hope for it to be fruitful! Here is one line we read today: "Kindness is not kindness unless it is special." Wishing everyone a holy, peace filled Lent!