Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How Children Learn~Part 3~Making Connections

Last year I wrote a post on a neat connection we made while driving into town. I also wrote about a day when Mary Margaret was busy making connections. Ever since then I have been mindful of how much we learn by making connections.Learning does not happen in isolation; meaning, everything we learn is connected to something else we have learned. It is fun to see all the ways we connect topics on a day to day basis. Here are a few of our 'recent connections' :

Sam and I were discussing the large icicles hanging from the windows. I mentioned to him how they are like stalactites and stalagmites in a cave. This launched us into an on-line search for pictures of caves.

Oliver made this really cool snowflake, making the connection between the shapes of trees and a snowflake pattern. This was his own idea!!!

And most exciting...today- after Sam mastering the art of pancake making, we found out through a friend that this week is "National Pancake Week," and IHOP was celebrating National Pancake Day with free pancakes. We then looked up the origins of Pancake week, and found out that it is a "Fat Tuesday" tradition (I guess it got displaced on our calendar!)
A while back I read a neat book on connection making. Outside Lies Magic, by John Stilgoe, opens the reader's eyes to the possibilities of connection making in the world around us. Just the introduction to the book was motivating and captivating. I encourage you to check it out of your local library, if possible.
Well, I have a sick child who needs me now, so I will leave you to your connection making! Enjoy the ride!