Friday, February 26, 2010

No matter what the weather is like outside, the sun is always shining in my kitchen! Today I was doing a little much-needed dusting and was delighted all over again by one of my most cherished possessions. When I graduated from high school over twenty years ago, my sister, Maureen made this smiling sunshine to bring with me to college. This sun has been with me in every dwelling I have lived in since I was a teenager! As I get older, I realize how precious it was that my sister took the time to make such a special gift for me.

Here is another item I dusted today: a painting Will did for us when he was about twelve, and his grandfather lovingly framed.(Sorry I didn't get the frame in the picture!)

The children had a great time playing "Don't Wake Daddy," a thrift store find for Sam's birthday:

On another note.....

I was feeling at times today like the expression on Mary Margaret's face- pensive, a little worried. Oliver had to be admitted to the hospital for severe dehydration and possible kidney complications. Thank you so much in advance for your continued prayers!! Travis is with him in the hospital and we are hopeful for an easy diagnosis and recovery. What a crazy welcome home for Travis. I am just so thankful he is here.
I remember reading once that Jewish people mix bitter and sweet foods during certain celebrations to signify the bitter-sweet aspect of life. How wise. We can't wait for life to "settle down" to find joy. It has to happen in the midst of struggles. Thank you, dear reader, for giving me a chance to share these feelings with you. it is such a blessing.

And here is something from Jose Marie Escriva:
It is always the same: it all depends on your point of view. 'Laeteur cor quaerentium Dominum!'- when you seek the Lord, your heart always overflows with happiness...all the things that are now worrying you can be put into a smile which shows your love of God.
Here is Oliver and his beautiful smile: