Thursday, February 18, 2010

Homebody Day

I am sitting here in the peace of a quiet house after a happy day at home. I thought I just heard Anna crying, but it is only the wind...It is howling ! Our day was spent at home, with the exception of rescuing an escaped Penny- who, by the way, made it a mile down the road. I got the call about her from our neighbor just as I was about to put the tea kettle on! Turns out she escaped from a snowed over cattle grate. I'm very thankful for such helpful neighbors that helped me walk Penny home. Another kind neighbor brought us delicious pizza as a thanks for watching her children. Oh, and we also went to our little library down the road tonight while the children were at open gym. Anna was delighted to learn how to play the "Funny Faces" game on the computer at the library.
Here are some of the bright spots in my day:

A burst of summer on my kitchen windowsill. I found this little mint plant at Martin's for 2.00:

Mary Margaret wanted to investigate the inside of a sugar snap pea:


So of course, she made pea soup! I love the reflections in the bowl:

Anna has to stir the soup!!:

And here is Oliver dressed up as a ??????????:

Sam and Anna...Anna wanted to be a princess:

Then we had two Samurais running around the house all day...Sam and Tommy

I will close with some thoughts from the book we are reading for Lent: The Hidden Power of Kindness :
Keep your eyes open to discover other people's needs; take the trouble to remove an obstacle in the path of another; let your hands be busy providing pleasant surprises for your neighbor; be eager to undertake things for others or run errands for them without waiting to be asked. (p8)
(I think Father Lovasik must have been thinking about my mother when he wrote that!)
God Bless you this Lent, and may you find many happy moments in your days!