Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bright Spots

What were some of the highlights of my day-it's kind of a spin on gratefulness. Things that made me happy today. Here are a few:

1.Early morning snuggles with a warm baby girl( well, at 2, she's still my baby!)
2.Morning Sunlight
3.Ethereal Kitty:

4.Everything Bagels
5.Running Water
6.The sound of Mom's voice
7.Will whistling in the school room
8.Tommy digging in the fridge, thinking he's alone, saying"I'm the strawberry snatcher," as he gobbles the last of the strawberries.....
9. Anna in The Snow:

10.Travis says, "I love You"
11.friends connect
12.An offer from John Paul, "Do you need help with anything, Mom?"
13.A picture from Sam: "Jesus carries his cross"
14.Fresh vegetables
15.An unexpected nap
16.my kitchen windowsill:

17.Brothers play together
18.mint tea
19.fresh Basil in February:

20.Oliver and Emily so happy cleaning their room together, working towards a common goal
21. Mozart
22.Magnificat~ I hope to share part of today's reflection with you
23.Father-son love
24.Sandra Dodd's Big Book Of Unschooling
25.Snowflakes on my sister's blog
26.Beauty. Sunlight. Thank you, Lord!!!!