Monday, February 1, 2010

The Hinkle Horn Honking Club

This is an excerpt from Dr. Seuss' book: The Sleep Book. I think it describes the little Smithdeals just about right(except maybe the part about hanging their hats on hooks...):

Way out in the west, in the town of Mercedd,The Hinkle Horn honking club just went to bed. Every horn has been quietly hung on a hook, for the night, in its own private Hinkle-Horn Nook.
All this long, happy day, they've been honking about, and the Hinkle-Horn Honkers have honked themselves out. But they'll wake up quite fresh in the morning. and then...
They'll start right in Hinkle-
Horn honking again.

Pictured are our Little Hinkle-Horn Honkers on a typical horn-honking morning!