Saturday, February 27, 2010


This has been a week of homecomings! Oliver came home from the hospital last night with instructions to return if he gets sick during the weekend. We still don't know what is going on with his kidneys, but are hopeful for a complete recovery. Admittedly, the last few days have had worried moments. Despite the concern and uncertainty we have experienced many blessings!
Yesterday a dear friend came to our house with our parish priest, bearing Lentil soup and homemade Macaroni and cheese.The day was blustery and cold,making the twenty-five miles out here seem like a pilgrimage, I am sure! Father Burt held a beautiful Communion service right at our dining room table. He lit a candle and placed the crucifix on the table with a small cloth. He then said some prayers and distributed holy Communion to all of us. It was just what I needed to bring peace and assurance to my aching heart.
Today Oliver woke up and requested waffles. For lunch I made him a German Pancake, and for dinner we had homemade chicken pie. He ate heartily, and it felt so satisfying to see him eat. He played poker with Ben and John Paul, and I've never heard him laugh so long and hard-just so happy to be home and with his family.
The outpouring of prayers and blessings has been so amazing! Even Will's friend from school called to check on Oliver. Rosaries, Masses, and well-wishes are abounding for this little boy! Thank you, everyone. You are wonderful!