Friday, April 30, 2010

Our Wish For Daddy

In the car...on the way home from Ben and Emily's Confirmation:

Mary Margaret: Mommy, what does Daddy get to eat for breakfast when he's away?

Me: Mary Margaret, I'm not sure.

Tommy: I hope he gets to have Mayonnaise sandwiches every day. Those are the best things to eat.( mayonaise sandwiches are what Tommy calls a ham and cheese sandwich with mayo).

Mary M.: Yeah. I bet that would be Daddy's biggest wish, because every time I come in the kitchen he's making Mayonaise sandwiches. He just gobbles them up. Let's tell Daddy to eat lots of them when we talk to him next.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring Is A Springin'

Finally- I was able to upload some pictures. Yay! ***Disclaimer: Ths post is more like a little album, so if you're not into pictures, feel free to skip this entry...

Tommy(the powere ranger) checks the eggs every day. It is his favorite chore. Every day is like a little Easter Egg hunt!

Family event of th month: Emily straightens Will's hair with her hair straightener. We all lauged VERY hard. out of order...We're back with Tommy in the chicken barn. Mary Margaret likes to help ,too!

Tommy pets our new steer, Chestnut. I am afraid Chestnut is getting to be like a pet! Penny is such a good mama to her baby.

We have to tie Chestnut up every time we milk Penny. If he leaves Penny's view, she gets quite nervous and kicky. Today we let them both pasture all day long together, and they came back to the pen where they spend the night, all on their own....big strides!

Sam plants the potatoes. We planted 50 lbs of seed potatoes. I hope they grow!
Here is the garden getting plowed. So far we have panted: spinach, beets, turnips, arugula, lettuce, peas, broccoli, tat soi, mustard greens, and potatoes. I hope it all grows. It frosted last night and is supposed to tonight:

Emily fixed Anna's hair in pony tails:

Now Tommy is a transformer!

Earlier in the month we had a visit from the Smithdeal cousins in South Carolina. The kids had a great time. Here is Ben with Thomas, and the next picture is Emily with Catherine:

Other happenings and news:
Oliver is feeling much better. He was put on steroids to help a kidney condition that he was recently diagnosed with. Thank you so very much for your prayers.
Emily and Ben are getting confirmed tomorrow! They are both such beautiful and special individuals. Emily is taking Saint Francis for her saint name(because of her love of animals) and Ben has chosen Padre Pio.
Will wnet swimming in the river with a friend today(it was 50 degrees). Crazy!!! Emily and Ben spent the afternoon at the river. They made a fire and cooked hotdogs. They caught a fish with their hands that had gotten trapped in a wading pool.
Ben loved reading "The Lightning Thief." and i was just informed by Oliver that he presently can not sleep(at 2 Am) because Emily "is up reading and won't turn out the light." We have the woodstove going, as it is a crisp 32 degrees out. Is it going to be May in a couple days?
John Paul and I were treated to a beautiful moon rise as wewent out to milk Penny tonight. He threatened to desert me because I was screaming so loudly!!!
WEll, that's all for now. Hope all is well with you, dear readers.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dangers of Genetic Engineering in Agriculture

I don't usually stray from family topics, but I think this is worth posting. Genetically modified foods ARE NOT the same thing as hybridized foods (or foods perfected through combining different strains of plants during pollination). Genetically modified foods are a product of changing and manipulating the actual DNA of a plant. Please be informed. The same company that is responsible for spreading the use of GMOs is the same company that produced: Agent Orange, DDT, and RBGST. They are also responsible for 150 "superfund" sites (chemically polluted and hazardous waste areas) around the country.Do i trust them when they say GMOs are safe? No way! Here is a link where you can learn more about GMOs: Dangers of Genetic Engineering in Agriculture

Happy Things

How dare I post without a photo- especially considering all the happenings of the week! But, alas, I have not even had the time to find and charge the camera.Penny had her beautiful little calf a couple days ago. Whoever thinks babies and spring is all bucolic bliss ought to have been here the last couple of days! Today things went much better, however, we got off to quite a rocky start! I hope to get a picture of "Chestnut" tomorrow.
Tonight I fired up the wood stove for another chilly night. The days have been warm, but the nights have hovered around freezing. Ben said, as he walked by the toasty fire, "I wish it were winter." I don't know why, but that comment just stirred my heart. A couple of hours earlier, I had been thinking the same thing. As long and cold as this winter was, I am a little sad to see it go. We had so much fun in the snow, and so many cozy, if not a little noisy, hours in our home together. We played lots of board games and made lots of hot chocolate! Since we don't have a television, the hours together were really spent together!
Lately Tommy has been consumed with "transformers." Today he said, " Mom, this was not a dream. It really happened. I went to the transformer place with grandma. We saw a slide there and I saw the tag. It cost five dollars, but Grandma bought it for me anyway. Then I brought it home and got on it. It went like this(he started making crazy hand motions to describe the slide)." He was so excited,he was telling everyone about it. I think he just had a very vivid dream....
Finally, here is a flashback of last year at this time:
I saw that I also posted about Tommy checking the eggs around this time last year. He still checks the eggs about three times a day, and we have eggs for breakfast every morning!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Fun

The weather has been beautiful, and Spring has called us outdoors to her luscious bower. Yesterday we spent most of the afternoon at the creek. The boys were down at the river scoping out new swimming holes and getting attacked by wild geese! Last night there was such a commotion, I thought Penny must be having her calf. Here is what really happened:

Lucky and Roy were quite proud of their catch, and Roy has the battle scars to attest to the fight! Tommy and Anna thought the raccoon was pretty cool; They remarked how its eyes are open and teeth are sharp!

The funniest part was how we disposed of the dead raccoon. Our UPS man came today and was commenting on the kill. I said I didn't know how I was going to hide it well enough from the dogs. They dig everything up! The UPS man volunteered to take it down the road and throw it into the woods. So in the raccoon went with all the packages for a very special delivery!

Tommy isn't ready to put the snow clothes away. He said he is going to keep wearing them until it snows again. He has quite the fashion sense! We were surprised by a visit from our friends, Linda and little Betty, this morning. Here's Tommy with "little Betty.":

Tommy climbed the peach tree:

He was watching Mary Margaret do something:

Oliver made some neat buildings using the blocks Travis made the children for Christmas. Here are some neat pictures Oliver took of the inside of his building:

And here is the country club swimming pool. John Paul was just getting off the bus,and Mary Margaret was laughing hysterically, yelling "hi!" to John Paul. What a welcome home! :