Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring Is A Springin'

Finally- I was able to upload some pictures. Yay! ***Disclaimer: Ths post is more like a little album, so if you're not into pictures, feel free to skip this entry...

Tommy(the powere ranger) checks the eggs every day. It is his favorite chore. Every day is like a little Easter Egg hunt!

Family event of th month: Emily straightens Will's hair with her hair straightener. We all lauged VERY hard. out of order...We're back with Tommy in the chicken barn. Mary Margaret likes to help ,too!

Tommy pets our new steer, Chestnut. I am afraid Chestnut is getting to be like a pet! Penny is such a good mama to her baby.

We have to tie Chestnut up every time we milk Penny. If he leaves Penny's view, she gets quite nervous and kicky. Today we let them both pasture all day long together, and they came back to the pen where they spend the night, all on their own....big strides!

Sam plants the potatoes. We planted 50 lbs of seed potatoes. I hope they grow!
Here is the garden getting plowed. So far we have panted: spinach, beets, turnips, arugula, lettuce, peas, broccoli, tat soi, mustard greens, and potatoes. I hope it all grows. It frosted last night and is supposed to tonight:

Emily fixed Anna's hair in pony tails:

Now Tommy is a transformer!

Earlier in the month we had a visit from the Smithdeal cousins in South Carolina. The kids had a great time. Here is Ben with Thomas, and the next picture is Emily with Catherine:

Other happenings and news:
Oliver is feeling much better. He was put on steroids to help a kidney condition that he was recently diagnosed with. Thank you so very much for your prayers.
Emily and Ben are getting confirmed tomorrow! They are both such beautiful and special individuals. Emily is taking Saint Francis for her saint name(because of her love of animals) and Ben has chosen Padre Pio.
Will wnet swimming in the river with a friend today(it was 50 degrees). Crazy!!! Emily and Ben spent the afternoon at the river. They made a fire and cooked hotdogs. They caught a fish with their hands that had gotten trapped in a wading pool.
Ben loved reading "The Lightning Thief." and i was just informed by Oliver that he presently can not sleep(at 2 Am) because Emily "is up reading and won't turn out the light." We have the woodstove going, as it is a crisp 32 degrees out. Is it going to be May in a couple days?
John Paul and I were treated to a beautiful moon rise as wewent out to milk Penny tonight. He threatened to desert me because I was screaming so loudly!!!
WEll, that's all for now. Hope all is well with you, dear readers.