Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Fun

The weather has been beautiful, and Spring has called us outdoors to her luscious bower. Yesterday we spent most of the afternoon at the creek. The boys were down at the river scoping out new swimming holes and getting attacked by wild geese! Last night there was such a commotion, I thought Penny must be having her calf. Here is what really happened:

Lucky and Roy were quite proud of their catch, and Roy has the battle scars to attest to the fight! Tommy and Anna thought the raccoon was pretty cool; They remarked how its eyes are open and teeth are sharp!

The funniest part was how we disposed of the dead raccoon. Our UPS man came today and was commenting on the kill. I said I didn't know how I was going to hide it well enough from the dogs. They dig everything up! The UPS man volunteered to take it down the road and throw it into the woods. So in the raccoon went with all the packages for a very special delivery!

Tommy isn't ready to put the snow clothes away. He said he is going to keep wearing them until it snows again. He has quite the fashion sense! We were surprised by a visit from our friends, Linda and little Betty, this morning. Here's Tommy with "little Betty.":

Tommy climbed the peach tree:

He was watching Mary Margaret do something:

Oliver made some neat buildings using the blocks Travis made the children for Christmas. Here are some neat pictures Oliver took of the inside of his building:

And here is the country club swimming pool. John Paul was just getting off the bus,and Mary Margaret was laughing hysterically, yelling "hi!" to John Paul. What a welcome home! :