Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Things

How dare I post without a photo- especially considering all the happenings of the week! But, alas, I have not even had the time to find and charge the camera.Penny had her beautiful little calf a couple days ago. Whoever thinks babies and spring is all bucolic bliss ought to have been here the last couple of days! Today things went much better, however, we got off to quite a rocky start! I hope to get a picture of "Chestnut" tomorrow.
Tonight I fired up the wood stove for another chilly night. The days have been warm, but the nights have hovered around freezing. Ben said, as he walked by the toasty fire, "I wish it were winter." I don't know why, but that comment just stirred my heart. A couple of hours earlier, I had been thinking the same thing. As long and cold as this winter was, I am a little sad to see it go. We had so much fun in the snow, and so many cozy, if not a little noisy, hours in our home together. We played lots of board games and made lots of hot chocolate! Since we don't have a television, the hours together were really spent together!
Lately Tommy has been consumed with "transformers." Today he said, " Mom, this was not a dream. It really happened. I went to the transformer place with grandma. We saw a slide there and I saw the tag. It cost five dollars, but Grandma bought it for me anyway. Then I brought it home and got on it. It went like this(he started making crazy hand motions to describe the slide)." He was so excited,he was telling everyone about it. I think he just had a very vivid dream....
Finally, here is a flashback of last year at this time:http://smithdealfamily.blogspot.com/2009/04/walk-home.html
I saw that I also posted about Tommy checking the eggs around this time last year. He still checks the eggs about three times a day, and we have eggs for breakfast every morning!