Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I have found many of my friends' book reviews to be helpful, so I thought I would start writing some of my own book reviews. Many times it is obvious when I spot a good picture book-the art is beautiful, the story is appealing, and I am naturally attracted to the book. Other times it takes my children to find the winning picture books. Some books that I would turn my nose up to end up delighting the children. What A Bad Dream by Mercer Mayer is one of these books. It is a "little Critters" book, and before you skip to my next post, just hear me out. What A Bad Dream starts out with little critter cozily falling asleep on his parents' laps. He begins to dream that he swallows a magic potion that causes "weird" things to happen. First he turns into a monster. Then he is able to scare everyone out of the house so that he has the house to himself! Then the fun begins! He eats whenever and whatever he wants. He rides his bike wherever he wants and never has to take a bath. He gets a gorilla for a pet. He plays outside after dark, and on and on. So why is this a bad dream? Well when Little Critter is tired(in his dream) and ready for bed, there is no-one to kiss him goodnight or read him a story. No-one to tuck him in. No-one to hug him when he is scared. Having everything the way he wants it does not make up for not having his parents there. Little Critter is so upset in the dream that he begins to cry (in real life), causing his parents to gently tuck him into bed with some warm milk that he is assured is NOT a magic potion! This book has such a sweet message, and the pictures tickle my childrens' funny bones. Even my almost nine year old enjoyed it, sneaking it up to bed with him before lights-out. I hope you and your children enjoy this book as much as we do.