Thursday, April 23, 2009


My friend, Lissa, and I are conducting a little experiment which she has termed, "Operation Bubbles." The posts having to do with Operation Bubbles will essentially be a record of the daily happenings in the Smithdeal home. This is more of a personal record/log of our happenings that may not interest the average reader, but if you would like, feel free to read!!!
Today was rather chily and windy. The sun came out and in, and it rained off and on. I found myself feeling restless for nice weather-which is supposed to be coming at the end of the week.
I stayed up late last night, creating "jib-jab" cards to send to the kids. They thought it was hilarious and had great fun creating some of their own today.
I talked to Kathleen-that was so wonderful!!!
Tonight John Paul, Emily, and I had a great game of twenty questions. They finally got the answer on the last question!
Read James and The Giant Peach to Emily, Oliver, Sam ,and Mary Margaret. They liked it so much that Sam was crying when I finally had to stop reading. He said he wants to learn to read so that he can read it to himself. That was music to my ears, as he has not shown too much interest in reading as of yet.
I am going to begin reading Charlotte Mason's Volume 1 (Home Education) as a way to jumpstart Operation Bubbles.