Thursday, April 16, 2009


Tommy, our newly turned three year old, has shown no interest in potty training. This is a surprise to me as our previous seven potty-trained children were way done training by three. Just goes to show you that it all depends on the kid! Well, today was a beautiful day after a string of rainy, cold, get-nothing-much-done kind of days- a great day for two things: potty training and car cleaning! The older kids worked for hours making the van immaculate. They even used upholstery cleaner on the rugs and got out the stains that have accumulated over the months(O.K.-years!). Meanwhile, the potty training was going pretty well. I put Tommy in a pair of underwear and a T-shirt and sent him outside. He kept his pants dry for several hours. Clean car, toilet-trained kid-we accomplished a lot today. Come 5:00, we're all enjoying a nice quiet evening in the yard. Tommy comes up to me crying (something unintelligible). Finally I make out:"I had an accident in the car....". To spare the details of the ensuing moments, I'll summarize it for you: no clean car, no potty-trained kid- but still a beautiful day, and successful, I may add, as I didn't blow my stack when the "bomb" was dropped :)