Sunday, April 12, 2009


We had a wonderful Easter. I hope you did, too. We started out the day by going to Mass. Then my parents and sisters came over. We had a big Easter egg hunt and a ham dinner. Even the adults got to hunt for some eggs. That made for many laughs. Dad organized a fun game for us called "junque safary" (misspelling intended!)He had some things he was getting rid of(everything from personal memorabilia-"papabilia" to duct-taped headphones). The object of the game was to pick out the item that you thought everyone else would choose last when allowed to pick. Then we each went in to the room where Dad was and told him which item we thought would be picked last. After we all(individually) told him our guess, we all came back into the room and took turns picking items to keep. The person who ended up choosing correctly the last remaining item was the winner. And I won!!(the grand prize winner received $4 !!!) And I got a pair of duct-taped headphones to boot! THe kids had a blast, too!!!Thanks, Dad!! Our friend Lew came and brought delicious desserts, and we all over-stuffed ourselves!!! It really was a wonderful day.

Annna rides the horsie in her Easter dress.

Tommy was dressed up for church, too!

Mary Margaret looked so pretty in her Easter dress and bonnet.

Mom made a beautiful little Easter garden with a handmade chick in it. Isn't it adorable?