Monday, April 13, 2009


I had a lovely visit with my friend, Carrie, today. Two of her children are staying with us tonight, and it is such a pleasure to see such wonderful friendships forming. I am currently reading Alice Gunther's book, Haystack Full Of Needles. It is a great book(so far) which discusses the formation of friendships and social life amongst Catholic homeschoolers. It does much more than this, as you really get a window into Alice's life;it portrays a way of life!(I am blessed to share with Alice, Lissa, who happens to be one of my dearest friends and mother to my Godson!) If I were more computer savy I could insert a link to the book, but as I am not, you can follow the "cottage blessings" link to Alice's blog in my "bit of inspiration," on the right side of my blog. Her bolg is a beautiful place to visit, anyway!!! So we are enjoying our friends and are very thankful for them!!!Included in this post is a picture of the kids playing "Twister."