Sunday, April 19, 2009


I was feeling overwhelmed by the state of my house today, and the idea for this post came to me. I am always amazed at how quickly our house goes from looking pretty straightened to rather disorderly. I decided that if my house could talk,this is what it would tell me:
If my house could talk, the mud-stained doors and floors in the entryway would tell me: "I have lots of little children, muddy from hours of happy outdoor play, pushing and pulling on me all day!"
If my house could talk, the sink piled with dishes would say: "I'm sorry, but I am filled to the brim, for the lady of the house chose to neglect me and went to her sons' baseball games today. In fact, the whole family neglected me, because they wanted to be there together."
If my house could talk, the floors strewn with toys and odds and ends would protest, "It is not my fault! The children here are playing on me all day, and especially the baby wears me out by dragging and rattling toys and trucks everywhere! And the older children are always making creations with paper and legos, so pardon the snippets and rubble!"
If my house could talk, the laundry piled on the table might cry out: "fold me! The boy who is in charge of me won't get off the piano or leave the basketball court. And now he wants to play with his little brother, and his mother even gave him permission to ignore me for the moment!!!"
If my house would talk, the unvacumed rugs might tell you, "the people here have no regard for us. They walk on us all day, every day, and now they are too busy playing games and reading books to give us any attention. Even our friends, the beds and the bookcases, have been left to drown in a sea of dust while this family goes about having fun all day. "
If my house could talk, the whole house would complain:" This is the worst insult, yet!!!The mother of this household could be tending to me now that the children are all in bed, but instead she chooses to sit in front of that little black box, chronicling all the things the family has done while neglecting me! It is plain to see that I'm not the priority around here. Humph!!!"
So when I am feeling discouraged, as I was earlier today-that I haven't done enough, worked hard enough, been efficient enough.....I will quiet down and let my house talk to me.