Saturday, September 19, 2009

A New Year

As far as I'm concerned, the "new year" begins in September- new books, sharpened pencils, crisp apples, football games, warm sun on golden hay, a happy chill in the air-not a frigid chill, but a delightful chill, expectant of the bountiful season at hand.
I am beginning more formal lessons with the children, as we delve into new books, have "planned" nature studies, go on "field" trips. It truly is a happy time of year for us. It has been super busy, though. If I'm not careful, I could easily let our home life fall apart. There is such a delicate balance- studies, activities, relaxation, laundry, all needs to be squeezed in somewhere!
I had the most freeing realization about five minutes ago: This blog is MINE!!! I kan spell wordz wrong if I wunt to. i dont hav to use any punctuation if i dont care to i can write run on sentences and use dashes in the wrong place and ramble-I'm not doing this for any one else. This is a cathartic place- no teachers to grade e or say not to use a certain word........ isn't that what self-expression is all about?
There. I got it off my chest. AHHHHHH.
As I was saying..... September is upon us, and I so much want to keep up with this blog so that I can have a record of all the wonderful things we have done. I am very gradually and most certainly being won over by the internet charm. I can't believe I just said that- but there is a venue of self-expression and creativity on this blog (I just made a typo and wrote "craptivity"-no joke) Hey, I like that..... craptivity- what can happen on the internet all to often: captivated by cr--.
I am being way too silly for my own good- and I am banking on the fact that very few people will read this. So Hello again, blog. I am happy to be back. I am looking thoroughly foward to a "happy" new year!