Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Things~ "The World is so full of a number of things, I am sure we should all be happy as kings"....

Another fun "thinking" activity to try:  Think of Ten things that made you happy today.
Here are mine:
1. Ben asking me if I would like to go to the Frontier Culture Museum (we was great- such a beautiful day)
2. Oliver bringing me a glass of ice water with a lemon in it.
3. Beets that were given to us by the kind lady at the FCM(see #1)
4. My clean bedroom
5. Milking by moonlight
6. wishing Mom and Dad goodnight on the phone
7. seeing Will take the kitten up to sleep with him in his treehouse
8. getting an e-mail from a dear friend I haven't heard from in a while
9. a small octopus makes a lovely addition to our "museum"
10. St Francis~ The Saint, The church