Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September 22, 2009~Tuesday

What a lovely day with a crazy end to it. We got off to a peaceful, slow start this morning. By the time I came down stairs the oldest two boys had headed off to school. Anna was up until 1:30 AM (coloring,of all things) thanks to a three hour nap. Travis had a pot of coffee going, and I indulged in a cup. The other children did their chores, and Travis and I had a date in the milking barn. Actually, it is very enjoyable to have that time together.
I came up to the house and had morning prayer time with the children. Ben and Emily began their independent school work, and I did "school" with the other children. We read several stories and made Halloween pop-out cards. They did a great job! Meanwhile Travis was collecting the final baskets of produce in our garden- mostly peppers and tomatoes- and a few ears of corn.
After our morning lessons we did a quick tidying of the house, as we were having special company today! Grandma and PaPa arrived around lunch time with a car-full of goodies: Martin's potato chips, pumpkin delight cookies, apple cider, fresh bread, and best of all....Mom's homemade Lasagna!!! We decided to eat it for a late lunch so that everyone could enjoy it (Travis had to take Ben to football practice this evening). The lasagna was delicious.
After lunch, PaPa played his new game he made up ("The Downs"- a horse race/card game) with Oliver and Ben. Emily snuck off to read "The Mysterious Benedict Society," and Grandma and I peeled apples for applesauce.
We then made a fire outside (a campfire). Anna and Mary Margaret had a super time playing in the leaves- burying Lucky, who is the best sport ever with the kids. He was completely buried and loving it. Oliver was a complete pyromaniac and put put the first fire with heaps of leaves. We built it up again and made hot chocolate with Penny's good milk. Then, sadly, Mom and Dad had to leave. It was a wonderful day.
Now for the crazy part. It was getting late, and Travis still hadn't come back with the three oldest boys. I decided I better go ahead and start milking. It was dark,and it appeared that the light wasn't working in the barn. I came to the house to get a candle to bring with me. I set everything up-candle and all. The milking was going great until the great "freak out." A rooster must have landed on the candle(which was positioned on the post behind me). He totally went nuts- tipped the candle over, landed on my back and started scratching and pecking furiously at me in the dark. I had no idea what was going on. All of the sudden it was pitch black, my head was down by the cow(who was extremely patient), and I had a rooster who was flapping wildly and wouldn't get off me. I screamed and I screamed....and I screamed some more. The rooster still wouldn't get off, it was still pitch black, and finally I managed to get up and get the x!&*(&(*&@! bird off of me. I finished milking the cow and came home with a hoarse voice. Somehow, though, the milk managed to stay in the pail, which is all that counts in the end!
On another note, I discovered a great new educational website: www.enchantedlearning.com
I can't wait to explore it further. Goodnight!!!