Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Love Your Library

We visited the library to day, and as usual we came home with a big basket of books. I love the libary. What could be better?- free books that don't clutter up precious shelf space, an outing for the children , games and movies that can be borrowed..... In my opinion it doesn't get any better.
Here are a few of the goodies we borrowed today: "The FamilyBook: Amazing Things To Do Together," "Sugar Snow: A first Little House Book," "The Wheel On The School,"  "Vegetable  Soups,"...The list goes on and on. Despite how happy all of our "finds" make me, I feel a sadness in my heart. The particular library I went to today places the due dates on the back of the books. Many of the books we borrowed had not been checked out in two to five years. Just thik- all these beautiful books sitting on the shelves, waiting to be read to a 'hungry' little boy or girl, and they are just sitting...and sitting. About a month or so ago, Philadelphia announced the closing of many  of its libraries. The irony was almost too much to handle; Old Ben mst be turning in his grave. Everyone is alarmed that a public library would close (including me). However, when I see these beautiful books not being used, I can see the dilemma: why pay for a service tht people don't use? I urge everyone to support your local library as much as possible. Most of all this means visiting frequetly and checking out books regularly. The temptation in this media-flooded world is to not want to have to "borrow" books. We want to own them. I am so guilty of this my self. There are definitely some special books that we want on our own shelves, but borrowing should be the rule. Hope you have fun at your library!~ Happy Reading~