Saturday, September 26, 2009

September 25, 2009~Friday

I have a little night owl (Anna)keeping me company, so as she colors at the table, I am going to blog!! Maybe I should make myself a cup of I will refrain!
Today was a bit rainy and gloomy when we awoke but refreshing after such a hot day yesterday. I started the laundry ad tidied the kitchen, then went to help Travis milk the cow. Meanwhile Emily watched the little ones and Ben unloaded the dishwasher.
We had a lot of laundry to fold, so Emily and I did that while Ben started on his math work(he is reading The Life Of Fred and thoroughly enjoying it). The Life Of Fred is a "math" book unlike any you have ever seen!
I confess to popping some Pillsbury caramel rolls into the oven. They were a .99 special at Sharp Shopper, and they were quite tasty!
Ben, Oliver, and Sam cleaned out the chicken barn and put fresh straw in all the nesting boxes. Oliver discovered 22 eggs in the hay barn! We are getting ready for some more chickens that a friend is giving us.
I helped Emily start a blog of her own, and she was busy with that for a while. When the boys came in we had lunch and got ready to go in town. We left for town at @ 3:00. Ben, Emily, Oliver, and Sam had choir practice. They are learning to sing Gregorian chant with a wonderful young man who has volunteered his time to teach the youth of the church!
After choir practice we went to some dear friends' home for delicious Butternut squash soup and homemade bread. We then went back to church for the St. Francis Novena which began tonight. After the Novena, we returned to the Adams' where the children performed a play for us. It was hilarious!
John Paul was attending a football game, and Will was at a friend's house, so we were in different directions tonight. I brought the little children home, and Travis went to pick up John Paul. He had a great time. Busy, Busy, Busy. I do love this quiet time at night.