Saturday, September 19, 2009

September 19, 2009~Saturday

Beautiful day!!!! Will said this morning, " I love the way the mountains look on a warm sunny day. They are such a deep slate color." I enjoy having children that notice their surroundings. It is so important! I think we would become a much more 'mindful' nation if we all took more time to notice our surroundings, nature in particular.
Travis took John Paul and Ben to their football(Ben's team won!!!) and baseball games. Between games they went over to the Elkins' to finish up the bookcases. Travis showed me a picture of them-they look great!
I was at home with the other children all day. Will and I milked the cow, then I took the little ones to the Deerfield library to get our books on hold. I am starting to feel snowed under with books. We have a lot of catch-up reading to do!
We came home and had lunch, then it was back in the car to take Will to work. His last weekend working-yeah!!! He hasn't had much time for anything but school and work lately, and the last couple weeks he has been talking about possibly homeschooling again next semester......
I got back from dropping off Will, and Emily, Mary Margaret, and Sam wanted to carve pumpkins. I thought it was a little early, but I told them they could- after all, they planted and picked 'em! The Jackolanterns are so cute!
We did some more mundane chores- straightening, vacuming, etc... Needed to do laundry ,too, but we didn't get around to it!
We cooked hot dogs and fried potatoes for dinner and enjoyed sweet canteloupe from our garden. The children watched "Veggie Tales" and Emily made a neat cartoon strip. Oliver made an interesting lego contraption- an airplane with eight wheels and about twenty lights. He also tried to patch up the little green and red ball I made for Sam a couple years back. Funny- they love that little ball.
And Anna- well Anna still nurses a lot and plays with the "kitties" all day. She loves her baby dolls and is so motherly towards them.
I began listening to "Don't Know Much About The Civil War" audio book by Kenneth Davis. I think it promises to be good. I also snuck in a lengthy phone chat with a dear friend of mine- I always enjoy talking to her!!! Tommy is asleep on the chair in the school room- his standard way of falling asleep now. Then I move him up to his bed.
I think I will do a few more things on line and then enjoy some time with Travis. I have missed him lately!!! Sweet dreams~