Monday, September 21, 2009

September 20, 2009~ Sunday

We went to Mass at 11:30. Before Mass, the children had their first CCD classes. I had planned to drop them off, but Mary Margaret was feeling hesitant(to say the least). I ended up staying the whole time in class with her. Every time the teacher called on her, MM cried and buried her face in my skirt. Fortunately, towards the end of the class she began to enjoy being there. I think if I sit with her until she feels comfortable she will really end up enjoying the class.She already said she can't wait to go back!
After church we had two games: Ben's football game and John Paul's soccer game. Ben's team played his friend John Henry's team so Maggie (John Henry's mother and a dear friend of mine) and I had a chance to talk. Unfortunately, the kids were all fussy and worn out from our morning at church. The game was an exciting one, and we ended up losing by one touchdown.
After Ben's game I went home with Anna, and Travis stayed with the other children to watch John Paul's game. I used some of the time to organize a little "school" for 'Oliver and under.'
I took a big plastic box and filled it with school supplies, books, and crafty things. My plan is to spend an hour or two wit the little ones each day, reading and doing little projects together. As I write this in retrospect, the first morning went very well! We read some fun stories and then made decorated 'leaves.' The children were happy, and I was satisfied. In years past I have wanted to something like this for the little ones, but I just thought I could squeeze it in somewhere. I now realize that I have to plan the activities or they don't happen!
Back to yesterday! Travis came home and was disappointed that I didn't have dinner going yet. Whoops! So we had a good-in-a-pinch dinner: french toast and eggs. When dinner was over, Travis went to pick up ill from work, John Paul and I milked the cow, and Ben cleaned the kitchen. I read to the children(from a Little House Book) And ended up falling asleep in their room.