Saturday, September 19, 2009

September 18, 2009 Friday

How is that for a captivating title? I'm afraid there might be more of that if I continue to chronicle our daily happenings. So if you would like to read a miniature Smithdeal family form Christmas letter every day, your wish has been granted.(nightmare?) Seriously, I can see how this could really bore folks, so if you see an ingeniously titled post with the date on it, you can skip over it to something more interesting ( I know you felt like you needed my permission to do that....) I am doing this for the benefit of our family and to aid my ever-growing -more -feeble-memory.
Here is what we did today:

Travis was finishing up the shelves for the Elkins. He came home @ 10 AM to pick up Ben (so that Ben could help) and to pick up some tools.
Emily and Oliver were at the Willsons' at a horse show. Will and john Paul were in school.
Sam, MM, Tommy, Anna and I cleaned up the yard and put away the books we got at the Staunton library book sale.
Collin came over with feed for Penny.
After school, Will went to work, and John Paul went to a football game.
I made a fire outside for the little children and we cooked beans, corn , potatoes, and sausage. Delicious. After the kids went in I had fun (like old times) making sparks on sticks and doing a "light show." I smell like a hotdog.