Thursday, August 6, 2009

From Barren to Beautiful

I think the little piece of land that has brought me the most joy this summer is the little dime-sized area right outside our dining room window. About four years ago, we took out the big cement patio/ramp coming into the side entrance(actually where most people enter) of our house. We never did anything with the soil afterwards, and it was always dry and hard. This year we planted a little flower garden, and it has done surprisingly well. This morning I saw a Hummingbird on one of the flowers, and the butterflies love to rest upon the leaves. We even transplanted some wildflowers from the meadow. I think the Lord is so wonderful the way he allows us to get such satisfaction from the "creating" and cultivating process. Our little projects may not earn prizes or recognition, but the joy they bring to us is more than enough reward!