Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Best 10 Reasons For A Messy House:

I like to have a neat house (Don't most people?).Neatness and order are what we strive for in our home, but we often fall short of our expectations. Some days we do better than others. Sometimes we are facing a hardship that puts cleanliness on the back burner. Sometimes life just takes over with appointments and sports practices,etc... And, of course, there are flues and colds to contend with.There are toddlers getting into everything and older kids just plain old being sloppy (sorry, guys!) But there are some good reasons to have a messy home. Not to say we don't clean up those messes or at those times,too; the mess just doesn't seem as bad when it is a "happy" mess. Here are my ten best reasons for a messy home:
1. The kids were busy making discoveries and learning ;perhaps involved in a project.
2. Mom was nursing or cuddling with the baby a little longer than usual.
3. We were reading together.
4. We were spending time with friends and/or family.
5. We were going to Mass or praying.
6. We were playing games- outdoors or indoors.
7. We were swimming, hiking, fishing, etc..
8. Mom was lying on the hammock reading a good book(Hey, I need to put this reason to the test!)
9. We were watching the sunset.
10. We were laughing and enjoying each other's company (I guess you could do this while you clean, too!)
Can you think of some more? Please add to my list!!!!