Monday, August 3, 2009

What Are We Doing Today?

A friend called me this morning and asked, "What are you doing today?" I lied: "Nothing much." Then I started thinking-what are we doing today??? Here's what I came up with:

Will: Just bought a new dirt bike for himself. He will be busy all day "engineering" dirt bike jumps and riding. At 3:30 he leaves for work until 10:00 tonight. Will has been sleeping in his tree house every night. He prefers it to his room.

JohnPaul: is working down the road, "landscaping" a friend's yard. He will be there until about 3:00. Then he'll probably go to football practice with Travis and the boys.Travis went with him. Last time Travis came home with a big bucket of blackberries. Yum!

Ben: went with Travis and JohnPaul to do yard work. Ben starts football practice tonight!!! Every night for two weeks he has practice! He is very excited to play. He has been in "Madden" x-box training camp for the last six months and has learned the game inside out.

Emily: Sweet Emily is attending the "furious flower" poetry camp in Harrisonburg. This wonderful opportunity was made possible by JMU; they offer a week long poetry camp (free!!)
for girls. (Carey, if you are reading this, thanks so much for telling us about this, and helping make it possible for Emily!) Emily loves to write and couldn't wait for this week!!

Oliver: I wanted to do Oliver's little "write-up" in yellow, b/c he is my sunshine for the day. He is such a fantastic helper, and will be spending most of the day picking up slack for his busy siblings. He will watch the children, help me clean, and probably sneak in a little computer time.The nicest thing is that he is such a cheerful helper. He just said he would go pick blackberries for me!

Sam: is playing with Tommy, Mary Margaret, and Anna rather loudly in the house right now!(I just heard him say, "I'll teach you how to fly, baby."-maybe I should be in there with them!!)Sam and his younger siblings are still in that carefree, unplanned time of life. It is so nice. I realize how fleeting these years are, now. I hope to read with them today and play a game or two at some point.

Yes, we are busy. But it is a happy kind of busy. That's not to say it's always peaceful and happy! The atmosphere is often punctuated with outbursts and whining. But that's just life-and I love my life!