Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Window Washer

My parents and sister visited with us today, and we had a lovely time. I was so happy to see the remarkable pictures Maureen captured with her artistic eye. Sometimes we all need a FRESH take on familiar surroundings. Isn't our attitude in life often determined by our perspective?

I don't know if I would have thought to take this picture of Darby through a peep hole in the wall of the barn. I see these pictures, and I want to make my prayer, "Lord, please free me from my narrow mind! Allow me to see life through your eyes~ always new, always abundant, always fresh."

When we first moved here, I described the mountains to my mother as "looking like God pushed his fingerprints into the sides of the mountains." I think Maureen captured that in her photos.

Here is Will with Duncan, the new baby of the family. Sam stands below with his air soft gun.

At first I didn't know where this picture was taken. Then I realized it is John Paul's window, next to his bed. It warmed my heart to see the Rosary on the window frame. I might not have ever noticed this if it hadn't been for Maureen's picture.

Do we have another puppy I didn't know about? Actually, this is a ceramic puppy on John Paul's desk. I like Ben in the background.

Another peep hole shot...

When I asked Tommy what he was doing, he said. "Oh, I'm just cleaning up this little house the best I can."

The very talented photographer, my sister, Maureen...
And what was I doing during their beautiful romp out of doors? Look at the background of the picture. Maybe I needed a fresh perspective right at that moment. How many times does life pass by our windows, while we stand there cleaning them? How many times do we wipe the glass to get a clearer view, when it would be better to just go beyond the glass?  Just something to think about...