Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Beauty Heals The Beast And A Little About Anna

"Look for a lovely thing, and you will find it, It is not far~ It never will be far." ~ Sara Teasdale

I feel like I might put too many nature pictures on my blog.  But why? Why all the pictures of trees and skies and nests and mountains and...

because I love BEAUTY. I love God's majesty and grandeur, and I love that He makes our world  AWESOME, truly full of awe, every day.

"And I know that I am honored to be witness of so much majesty." ~ Sara Teasdale

"But this is such a blurry picture," I hear your thoughts. The difference is this: when I see this picture, I feel the wind whipping and smarting, I touch the crispness of the night, I am invigorated by the memory of being PRESENT.

You know how when you go shopping and find a bunch of good deals (at a thrift store, for me!), the best part isn't buying the things. The best part is getting home and looking at and rediscovering all your bargains.

That's what pictures are like for me.I rediscover the GIFTS. They make me happy, filling me with gratitude.

Every day is like a grand treasure hunt: we seek and discover the beauty and uniqueness that abound. How many evenings have I been so glad I made myself leave the cozy inside..to brave the elements..and see this:

Somehow, being out of doors heals me. All the little fragments of scattered self are put  back together.

I had a frustrating day today- feeling defeated, feeling like I make a mess of everything, I never get it right, I'LL NEVER BE THAT OR DO THAT OR SAY THE RIGHT THINGS. It's ALL WRONG.


Out of doors and out of SELF to find self.
Especially when it's cold and windy; I huddle all the pieces back to self- for the moment I think of nothing else.


Next time you're feeling upset, try it. Make yourself go outside for at least five minutes...see what happens!

"The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament sheweth his handywork."~ Psalm 119

Anna. She is learning to use the camera, amongst other things (like turning on the heat by herself, getting dressed, cutting hair, breaking a snow globe on her brother's head,etc). Here is the picture she took this morning:

Then she leaned over Roy and said, " I just took a picture of you, Buddy. You're such a good dog."  kiss, kiss. Pretty soon, she'll have her own blog!