Thursday, December 9, 2010

Home Day

The children and I were a grumbling bunch this morning. We did not want to leave our cozy beds to face frozen pipes and hungry animals. But look what we were treated to:

                            Icy heads bobbing in majestic splendor!

How often is life like that? We think that we know what we want (or don't want), not knowing the wonderful plans God has for us if we would only trust Him!

When the weather got colder, I gave into the temptation to put more and more movies on for the children. Today I said, "No more!" My older children were actually giving me the most flack about it. "Mom," they said,"We made it all these years without a TV, and they are watching too many movies." So today was my no more netflix day. Back to Friday night movies, only. And we don't have a TV, so that will be it for screen time. Yay! I'm not saying TV is all bad, but I would rather them be doing things like this:

When Travis is gone, the younger children take turns sleeping in my bed with me. The ones who don't sleep in my bed get to decide what's for breakfast. Tommy and Mary Margaret chose coffee cake and hot chocolate for this morning. Anna helped make the cake. It was yummy!

Mary Margaret is my hat girl. After breakfast she and Anna worked a long time on their paper crowns. Then they dressed up as queens. So what were the other children doing? Tommy, Sam, and Oliver were at the frozen creek sliding, Ben was doing Algebra, and Emily was at a friend's. Will was working on fixing the Suburban, and John Paul was at school!

Today was our day to visit with our neighbor friend. We had a delightful visit. The children played with her Corgies (Tasha Tudor's kind of dog) while I drank tea with Mrs. Luthey. On the way home, I found this gorgeous bowl, placed at the side of the dump! And if you scroll back up to the kitchen table, you will see a red chair. That was also a dump find! I'm getting an idea for another blog....No. Not really. I think this will be my home base on the internet, and I'll have to find a way to fit it all in. Maybe one day I'll get over my need to compartmentalize everything!

Can you believe this? It's in immaculate condition. It looks very old; I think it may have been a wash basin. It's rather large. I love the dump!

Have a joyful Advent weekend!

Tomorrow we plan to see "A Christmas Carol" at the Blackfriar's playhouse in Staunton. Saturday we make gingerbread houses at the the library.

I love Christmas time!