Thursday, December 30, 2010

Living In A Minute

I like to plan life, but life never goes according to plans. I like to plan life, but I don't like living according to plans, even my own! I'm the planner that doesn't use plans- Not a good combination. Since we have made the decision to home school our children (years ago), and since I was "trained" to be a teacher in college, the planning bug hits me hard sometimes. The problem is, I want my children to love learning at home, and I want them to have the freedom to pursue interests of their own. So planning an agenda for them has left us all feeling unsatisfied and lacking.

When we have abandoned all structure, however, we have also felt something to be amiss. Somehow the days get away from us, and we haven't had time, or haven't made time to read books together, play, look at stars, paint, etc.. How often do I tell my chlidren we will do something "in a minute? "
I think I'm finally realizing, over the last year or so, that LIFE ISN'T IN A MINUTE. LIFE IS NOW.

So, for the new year, I am trying a "new" kind of planning. I am going to plan the fun stuff- things we love to do! Instead of planning typical lessons, I am going to plan time to play board games,do simple crafts, read the books we want to read,  bake together, etc... I want to GIVE PRIORITY to nurturing a love of life and learning in my children. I don't want life to go by and my time with them to disappear and see all the dusty books on the shelves that have never been read, the games with the boxes still fresh from never being played...

I am feeling the pull to live, NOW.... Not in a minute.

How long can I spin the cocoon and feather the nest instead of taking flight?

How long can I weave words and ideas, yet cling to the loom?

Oliver said to me on Christmas morning, after constructing a train with his new Keva planks,
"I don't care if I am ever smart, as long as I have my creativity."

Later that day he put his new "wind generator" together. I overheard Mary Margaret say, "Gosh, Oliver. You're like Albert Einstein!"

I used to want my children to be smart. Now I want them most of all to love life and have a passion for learning....