Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Few Little Things

I found a whole stack of Good Old Days Magazine at the thrift shop. What a treasure chest. I was reading one of the articles to Ben and John Paul in the car (right before it broke down). It was the sweetest story about a family during the time of depression. They vacationed at a swimming hole a few hours away:

"The men would take the best tires of the group and put them on the two cars that were running best at the memories of worn-out shoes, hunger, and living in substandard housing have faded with time. But each of us carried a little treasure in our hearts: the memories of those best of times at Turner Falls."

I think it's so good for children to hear what many families had to endure to make our country what it is. And children back then knew how to have such clean, good, wholesome fun!

Have you ever read any of Miss Read's books? I am beginning The Chronicles Of Fair acre. Here is the first line of the book:

"The first day of term has a flavour that is all its own; a whiff of lazy days behind and a foretaste of the busy future. The essential thing, for a village schoolmistress on such a day, is to get up early."

I had to laugh at that...the age old truth!

Speaking of lines from books, I love this line in Dickens's Christmas Carol (Maybe because it's like our house!) :

"The noise in this room was perfectly tumultuous, for there were more children there than Scrooge in his agitated state of mind could count; and, unlike the celebrated herd in the poem, they were not forty children conducting themselves like one, but every child was conducting itself like forty."