Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm Just Anna

Happy 3rd Birthday, Anna!

I can't believe Anna turned three years old today. This is our first time in eighteen years of not having an infant and/or toddler in our house!

Anna still seems a baby to me, however. I don't think it's because she IS the baby of the family. There are lots of babyish things she still does. She still likes a bath in the sink, she still nurses, she likes to be called my little baby, and she is as snugly as a newborn. It is funny, though, to hear a 'baby' call her brother "despicable," and tell another brother that she "despises his kisses." Mary Margaret frets over the fact that we sometimes spoil our baby a bit too much.

We had a very small party today with Anna's little friends across the street. Emily decorated the kitchen with balloons, Hello Kitty paraphernalia, and little party bags for boys and girls.

This afternoon, a friend of mine and I were planning to take Anna on our shopping outing. Anna said, "I would rather stay home with Emily. I'm having a very tired day." She did stay home and took a looooong nap. I guess that's why it's after 11:00, and she is jumping on the couch behind me. "Anna," I said, "you are just a little monkey."

"No," she said with certainty, "I'm just Anna!"