Saturday, December 18, 2010

Quiet Night

Dearest friends,

My thoughts tonight are invested in a journey I am about to make- a journey through my past, scratched on some sheets of manilla staionery. Am I being nebulous? Alas, details will have to come later. Right now my pen feels tight, unfurled, like the leaf pictured above. I pray I can find the words to express a lifetime of love and sacrifice on a few pieces of paper.

I wish you a peaceful, reflective ,"Joyful" Sunday as we make our way towards the Babe in the manger. I thank my wise and saintly aunt for the following insight:

"Sister Alice," I asked, "How are people living in distress and sadness supposed to be peaceful?"

"Think of this," she responded, "What would have happened if Mary and Joseph had refused to accept their difficult circumstances. Where would we be? Most people wouldn't have put up with those circumstances, but look at the peace Mary and Joseph had."

And that's where I'll leave you tonight. God bless you all. Humbly your friend,