Tuesday, December 14, 2010


"A good laugh is sunshine in the house."~Thackeray

 Emily made this neat wallet with a how- to on her blog.

With all the cute stuffed animals we own, Anna likes this little rag doll best (made with an old sheet).

She and Tommy like to play the game they made up, "I pick that." They look through picture books and take turns picking out what they "want." What is so funny is that they really hash it out over what they're "getting," like it's really going to happen!

Tommy made this picture. He said, "See, Mommy, it's the sun. I made it really colorful because that's how the sun really is. And there's me at the bottom with my hair getting in my eyes, like it really does!"

I'm convinced  that if all you ever did with your children in their "home school" is read to them and play games together, that would be enough! Oliver and I stayed up late playing one of his favorite games, Labyrinth. After we played, he gave me pointers on how I could be a better player! He has been having so much fun with the Lego creator website ("They have all the pieces I need, Mom!")

Some other notes of interest:

*Emily is learning "The Music Box Dancer" on the piano.

*Feeding and watering cows and chickens in frigid weather is NOT fun.

*Cars are still off the road for now.

*Anna sang "Bye baby bunting" to Grandma on the phone.

*I told Tommy a story about two little children named Tommy and Anna whose Mommy had to leave to go shopping, but always came back. He said when it was over, "That was the bestest story I ever heard!"

*We miss Dad :( We pray the Rosary nightly for him.

*I am thankful for running water and heat.

*Thinking that Face book can be like a black hole, and I don't want to be a victim!

*We fall sleep listening to Samantha on CD each night...lying in bed with Anna and the Christmas lights is super cozy! (yikes, looking at the Amazon link, I'm glad our copy is a library copy!)