Friday, December 10, 2010

The Best Laid Plans...

Have you ever played Bananagrams? It's a super fun word game where everyone races to use up their letters to make their own crossword puzzles. The most challenging part of the game is when there is absolutely no word you can make with your last remaining letter, and you have to scrap the whole puzzle and start from scratch. Don't you think life is like Bananagrams sometimes?

We have it all planned out, then something happens or doesn't happen to make us have to regroup and start from scratch. We had a Bananagrams kind of day. One car was waiting in a parking lot in town,  needing to be towed. Another car (the van) broke down on the way home from town this morning, and meanwhile Will was stuck at home with a dead truck.

He finally got it started, only to run out of gas four miles down the road. Fortunately a neighbor passed him and brought him home! Then another neighbor (thank God, *truly* for helpful neighbors) brought Will to his truck and helped him on his way to get the other vehicle towed!

We had such a weekend lined up...a play tonight, gingerbread workshop tomorrow. Phone calls and talk about various broken vehicles mingled with the moaning of children who could see their fun weekend quickly disappearing...or so they thought.

We faced the fact that we will be carless for a little while, got over it and regrouped. Emily invited a friend over from down the road, and right now they are happily playing twister with Mary Margaret and Oliver. Oliver spent an hour making a Lego contraption. Ben and John Paul just cleaned the kitchen for me, and now they are in the land of i-pods.

Ben just discovered a new musical  instrument application for his ipod (playing an instrument called the Ocarina), and Tommy, Anna , and Sam are in dreamland. Do I dare admit that I am happy to be home?

Remember last night when I wrote about myself thinking I know what's best for my life? Sometimes my own words help me. I thought about that today, and it gave me peace. So while it's not the weekend I had planned, we (hopefully) will be cozy at home, enjoying each other.