Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Mess Of Fun

Tommy was chanting this at the top of his lungs for twenty minutes. For once I was not alarmed! We made some "bathtub fingerpaints" tonight.

Last month I couldn't get Anna out of the bath. This month she screams "Nooooooooo!" every time I even mention the word bath. It's really not fun to give a flailing child a bath! Now maybe you have children that will just obediently and quietly do what you say. Sighhhhhhh. I don't. Sometimes I have to be creative.

Anna loves to paint! So why not paint in the tub? We made these neat **washable** finger paints to use in the bath. The recipe comes from : The Ultimate Book Of Kid Concoctions.  It's so easy.

I tripled the recipe, and the book said to use ice cube trays, but I used small bowls instead. (We don't have any ice cube trays). I will give you the tripled version:

Place 1 cup of clear dish soap in a medium sized bowl. Stir in 3 TBS cornstarch. Mix well.

Divide the mixture evenly into four small bowls. Add a few drops of food coloring and stir well. The kids loved doing this part.

Now for the fun and messy part!!! Don't worry....this is super easy to clean. The colors weren't as bright as I thought they would be, but the children had such a great time. They came out clean, too!

I hope you have fun with the paint recipe. Do you have a link to a great craft recipe? Please enter it on the linky list provided below!!

Anna doesn't pitch a fit when it's time to eat pizza!

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