Friday, January 28, 2011


I mean do I really think I'm going to get all of these read in a couple of weeks?

The stack started out small, I checked some books out of the library, I was given some as gifts, and well...when it comes to books I just don't know moderation. I made a feeble attempt to edit the stack.

Forever the optimist, here are the books that made the cut:

Yes...the stack really is smaller! There were thirty-six books in the stack to begin with, and now there are only twenty-five!

Just in case you're interested, I put links to all the books in *The Stack* .The list is quite long, and no, I'm not an Amazon affiliate, but I always like to have a link to go to when I see a book that interests me. If you are not interested, you can scroll down to my next topic, "Camera Queries." I hope I haven't bored you to tears today!

Here's what's In *The Stack*:

1.One Thousand Gifts~ Have been waiting for this book for two months, and it has NOT disappointed! This book will completely transform the way you view life, with a thankful heart and joyful spirit.

2. Beauty (The Invisible Embrace)~ If you have read my blog at all, you know this book is right up my alley. A good friend of ours gave this to me and I am Oh so excited to read it!!!

3. Silent Night~ Have been wanting to read this one since Christmas. It's about the Christmas truce of World War I. I think it's an important book to read- might read it to the kids when I'm done. Actually, there is a Jim Murphy book of the same title geared more to children. I might read that one to them.

4.How To Write Poetry ~This is a library book I checked out in hopes to start writing poetry with the children. I've already looked through it, and so far it looks pretty neat!

5.Spiritual Rhythm~ An Ann Voskamp recommendation...A short section to read each season. Looks deep, but not overwhelming.

6.Strong Women Stay Young~ My mother recommended this title a few years back. I'm finally getting around to reading it; well, at least it made it to the bedside. I imagine I will be using this book when I exercise; there are a lot of exercises in it, but there is also a lot of text to read about health, fitness, and such.

7.The Saints' Guide To Happiness~ Doesn't this book have a promising title? Now, I'm no saint, but I sure would like to know some of their secrets to happiness! This is also, encouragingly, from the local library!

8.Graced and Gifted~ From our church library, looks like a lovely book on spiritual homemaking and homeschooling.

9.Living The Interior Life~ Had to leave this one in the's Anna's favorite book! Really, she sits next to me and makes up words: "God wants me to be good. I want to be nice to everybody. Once upon a time a wolf lived in the woods..." (Her book covers all the bases!)

10.Poem Crazy~Another library book...lots of fun exercises to bring out the poet in all of us. Not meant to be read cover to cover, the book is full of exercises to stir your creativity. I did one where I was instructed to write a "Shadow Poem." This book gets you thinking in ways that are insightful and give you self-knowledge!

11.The Inner Voice Of Love- A Henri Nouwen book, also from the library. I have never read something of Nouwen's that I haven't liked!

12.The Rest Of God~Great book so far; I'm about three-quarters of the way through. The author looks at the Sabbath and the role that living the Sabbath plays in our lives. We can not fully know God until we seek "the rest of God."

13. The Power Of Patience~What I need as I type this right now!!! There are children bickering in the other room, and....
Guess what.
I'm going to go for a walk and I'll finish this later. That's the way I handle stress, but maybe this book could help, too!

OK..That's better. Went for a walk, took some pictures, had tea with my neighbor, patience is back. The house on the road is ours. We like to walk on the hill across the street. The view is spectacular. About going for a walk just now, I could develop my patience or leave the scene. Sometimes leaving is better...for just a little while.

*Back to my list*:

14.Little Britches~ This book is right up there with the Little House books! Do I dare say I like them even more? Well,  maybe because I have more boys, and the main character is a boy. This (true) story is about a young boy (Ralph Moody) and the adventures he has with his family moving out to a ranch in Colorado. (early 1900's) The relationship the boy has with his father is moving, and the story itself is captivating. I have read this book many times through, but it is by my bed because I am currently reading it aloud to Oliver and Sam.

15. If your Mind Wanders At Mass~ You probably could take one look at this lengthy book list and see that I need this book.

16.Small Is Beautiful~ Ha! The irony of this title, stashed in a pile of books twenty feet high. Small is beautiful; this book is subtitled, "economics as if people matter." 'Living simply so that others can simply live 'kind of message.

17. Fasting~ Lent is around the corner...but I might start a little early. Have heard good things about this book.

18. Organized Simplicity~ Another book title that mocks the enormous stack it rests in, unopened.I'm getting there...I have flipped through it, and it looks like there's lots of helpful info and ideas to get organized!

19.How To Get Ideas~ library book- really a book about learning to think creatively. This book has gotten great reviews at Amazon. It's another book I hope to share with the children.

20. The Creative Family~ Have been wanting this one forever! I like Amanda Soule's blog, SouleMama, and I have been looking forward to perusing this book!

21.In This House Of Brede~ I try to only keep one work of fiction going (for myself) at a time. I read a couple of Rumer Godden books last Summer, and they are always well-written and inspiring. This book is about a woman who leaves the rat race to join a convent. Interesting, huh?

22.A Valley And A Song~ The story of the Shenandoah River...local history...plan to read to the kids if it is interesting. I'm noticing a pattern here?

23.How To Think About The Great Ideas Good old Mortimer Adler. He converted to Catholicism when he was ninety-five. It's never too late! This book breaks down ideas such as: work, education, love, etc... For each idea, Adler was interviewed, and  the interviews are collected in this book. Insightful. Lots of food for thought here.

24.Pioneer Girl- "A true story of a girl growing up on the prairie." Not Laura Ingalls- this is also a children's book, but appealed to me. It's a library book.

25.The Lost Colony Of Roanoke~ Ever since we visited Roanoke Island when I was young and heard the story of the 'Lost Colony,' I have been wanting to read a book about it. For my personal history reading, I prefer children's books. Can't go wrong with Jean Fritz!

So there's the list...I hope I added to your own bedside stack. Are you reading a good book right now? Please share it with us on the new linky list at the bottom of this post!

Camera Queries:

I have been asked several times in the last couple of weeks if all of the photos on my blog are my own. Mostly, Yes! And if they are ever not, I put a photo credit with the picture. Photography is art, and I would never use someone else's art without permission!

I am quite the amateur photographer. I take pictures with a Nikon Cool Pix l110. This camera takes great outdoor pictures and does most of the work for me (a good thing). The indoor pictures have not been so great, so far. I don't know if it's the camera or my ignorance of photography. My understanding is that it is hard to find a camera that takes exceptional indoor pictures without spending a lot more money. Suggestions always welcome!

One feature I like about this camera is the ability to crop photos right on the camera. If I can't get close enough to the subject, I can zoom in and crop later. I also like the 'action mode' ; it enables me to take pictures of the children when they are playing and moving. Having a digital camera has changed my life! I try to never leave home without it! Did I mention it was my sweet husband who surprised me with  this camera on our anniversary last year? He is my biggest fan.

I rarely use photo shop/enhancement techniques. I know you can do a lot of neat things with your pictures, but I just don't have the time. Most of the pictures I take do just fine on their own...even if I do admit that I toy with the thought of taking the time to make the pictures more 'picture perfect.'

"Mittens" likes to sit in the sun.

Oliver's snowman. I'm liking the chiseled nose!

sigh...another mountain picture. Indulge me?

Oliver and Tommy trying to sled on a dinky hill.

Having fun, anyway!

Tommy was caught off guard for this shot! "Mommy, I'm eating my beans!," he said. Yep...beans are the latest thing around here!

I like his choice of reading material for lunch. He was making up a script to go with the characters on the covers of the books.

Mary Margaret(6)  has a way of making her art come to life. I love this picture she started of the ocean:

What's on your bedside table? Kindly share a link to your relevant post: