Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mama In The Ball Game

Yesterday was the feast day of Saint John Bosco. I posted some of his sayings to my facebook wall. Here is one I liked:

 "The teacher who is seen only in the classroom and nowhere else, is a teacher and nothing more; but let him go with his boys to recreation and he becomes a brother."- Don Bosco

Sometimes I think we pray when we don't even know it. I have so many boys at home, and with this winter weather they have been going a little stir crazy. I must have been inwardly expressing this frustration to God, and He spoke through the humble words of this amazing saint.

When I read what Saint John Bosco said about teachers and children , my eyes were opened. I NEED TO EXERCISE, PLAY, RECREATE WITH MY CHILDREN. It is not enough to be mama in the kitchen, mama teaching lessons, mama driving the car, and mama WATCHING the ball game. I need to be mama IN the ball game!

Today at lunch I decided to give the saint's philosophy a whirl. Out to the driveway we all hustled for a game of basketball- we even did some jogging afterwards. We had a ball! (sorry-couldn't refuse the pun!) We all burnt off some of the indoor energy amassing in our winter bodies. It felt so invigorating. What's best is that the kids had such a great time. When I am participating in an activity with them- something they enjoy, it makes them so happy.

What are you waiting for? Get into the game! Before you know it, you'll be having fun, too.

Here is the link for the great sayings of Saint John Bosco- lots of food for thought:
Sayings of the Saints