Saturday, February 12, 2011

How to Make A Blog Header/ Collage

Last night I didn't post;  I was visiting friends' blogs! One thing I really like about a lot of the blogs I read is the header style. I didn't know how to make a collage header , and it was bothering me. I found all the directions for  banner making over at Clover lane (just click on green). I am so thankful for the clever ladies out there that generously use their time to teach the rest of us how to use computers! Even if you don't have a blog, the collages are free to make (using Picasa 3, free downloadable software), and have many purposes besides blog headers. My first attempts were a little awkward, but I'm sure it gets easier with time.

I ended up using a different header than the one pictured above, because when I loaded the one (above), it was too small for the page. But you get the idea. And it's lots of fun to learn something new. One little note, the gal at Clover Lane does a great job explaining the banner making, but don't be overwhelmed by the long directions. She was just being careful to include every step, for computer dummies like me (Smile)!