Saturday, February 19, 2011

How To Love Like A Child

I want to scoop him up in the fullness of the moon, the fullness of the moment- baby boy body all bathing in moonlight. He lies in sweet precious sleep on his mattress by the window. The lunar glow sweeps his face, illuminating delicate eyelash curl. I lie awake in my bed and adore. My heart is hollowed and a room is hallowed by innocence and beauty.

 What have I done to deserve this? Bustling babies with bright eyes and eager hearts long to love me every day. Why? How do they continue to love and trust a Mama so frayed and irritable lately? Is it because they adore me? Is this why Jesus said to become like little children? They know how to love. Somewhere in the years we forget how to love like a child, to adore.

Will you spend some time in adoration this weekend? Take time to adore your child, adore creation, adore the Lord. Play some beautiful music and light a candle, alone, for ten minutes? Maybe if we spend more time nurturing a spirit of adoration, we will be able to love in more complete, unconditional ways- as little children do.