Sunday, June 27, 2010

Finding Knuffle Bunny

Knuffle Bunny, one of our favorite books, tells the tale of Trixie, the little girl who leaves her beloved "knuffle Bunny" at the laundromat.
Our washing machine died last week, hence we ventured to the laundromat this morning to do some washing.

The children have never been to a laundromat, and Tommy was very excited to see that it was just like the laundromat in Knuffle Bunny!
In an effort to really fan the flames of Tommy's excitement, Ben said: "Tommy, I think this is the exact laundromat where Knuffle Bunny stayed. Maybe we can find him!"

I can't remember the last time I've been to a laundromat, and there was a very helpful gentleman(Fred, I found out) telling me how to run the new washers. He didn't work there, but he said he frequented the laundromat often.

I was off to load the laundry, and I heard Tommy come up to Fred and say, "Where is Knuffle Bunny?"


"Where is Knuffle Bunny?"

Somehow, Fred caught on. "Oh. I'll tell you what happened to Knuffle Bunny. I think somebody left that door open and Knuffle Bunny walked out to find some of the juicy little leaves and carrots growing in the middle of the parking lot."

Tommy looked at Fred with definite understanding and headed out the door. Two minutes later he was back.
"Excuse me. I didn't find him out there. Do you know where he went?"

"Actually," Fred patiently replied, "I think the bunny moved across the street into the Pet store. I'll bet you could go visit him there!"

All the laundry loaded, we headed across the street to Pets n' Pals. Wow! What a great little field trip. So many animals they had: fish, dogs, ferrets, snakes, love birds, giant frogs and turtles, and even a sailor-mouthed parrot ...but best of all bunnies! We found Knuffle Bunny nestled in a cozy home in the back of the store. Tommy and Anna were amazed!

Later on I heard Tommy telling Oliver that: "Knuffle Bunny lives at the pet store now. We saw him today!"

I just love when the day unfolds and we go off onto unplanned "rabbit" trails (couldn't resist). Somehow the learning always seems richer and more exciting when it hasn't been all planned out!