Saturday, June 26, 2010

Here and There

Look carefully...Do you see anything Hiding?

Do you remember our little friend from a few weeks back? I had brought him into the house, and he formed a chrysalis on the wall. Today he hatched and was released into the breezes of a mellow summer morning!

The lovely lady in the straw hat is my beautiful mother! She is a true lady; we all went to the lake for the day and Mom packed a tea party complete with scones and cucumber sandwiches. Yum!

And now, a little about the Children. Will was reading The Large and Growly Bear with his dinner tonight. He said "It might as well be me on this page because I know just how that bear feels!" I have a hard time believing that, considering Will never seems at a loss for something to do! Today he and a friend fixed one of our cars and changed the oil in it! Yesterday he was looking at the washing machine for me! Last night he drove by our house on the way to take a friend home. I happened to be outside and heard him honk the car horn as he passed by. I was touched. He was thinking of us! I can't believe he turned seventeen this month. Where has the time gone?

And here he is helping to load the hay on the wagon....

Here is John Paul showing off the delicious chicken he grilled on "Archie" (our new grill- we have a tradition, started by my brother-in-law, of naming our grills! )
John Paul is truly enjoying summer vacation. One of the boys' favorite pastimes is playing backyard baseball. They also swim at the river or the neighbor's pool almost every day! Here is John Paul, getting ready to make a home run!

Ben caught some big fish down at the river. Now he just has to learn how to clean and gut them...

Ben is almost done the baseball season!

Emily had the opportunity to see what it would have been like to have had to haul the water every day. She decided indoor plumbing is definitely a good thing! (and that folding laundry isn't so bad)...

Here is Emily with her cousin, Ella...

Mom and Dad came over this week and played poker with the kids. Oliver is definitely a poker player! Here is the gang playing...

Sam plays with Anna onthe slide. Sam is always ready to help with the little ones...
He and I have been reading a great book together, called Adrift. It is the true and harrowing account of a man stuck out at sea in a life raft for seventy-six days!

Mary Margaret gets lots of practice being a loving Momma!

She has been having a lot of fun this summer at the library programs.

Tommy had a great time at the Pioneer Village. Here he is on the ladder to the loft in the cabin.

Anna hiked all the way up the mountain!

And like a true mountain girl, she prefers bare feet!