Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why I Love Him

John Paul took these two lovely pictures of Spring in bloom. I like that he wants to use my camera, and I like that as he was walking around looking for a good picture he said, "Mother, the barn swallows are back!"
He was always our big "birder"....drawing birds, listening to bird songs, and even buying himself a camera to take bird pictures. Then it all seemed to come to a halt. Sometimes I think during the teenage years those interests go into hibernation; every now and then, however,  they spark, and the flame shines through. He still has his 'first love.'

Travis came home last night, and within the first hour managed to cheerfully repair many of the things that broke while he was away!
So...if I'm not posting as much as usual, if you get lots more pictures than words, please know that my heart is back in house and home...cooking more, cleaning more, trying to pamper the man that makes this happy, crazy home, our little nest.....a reality!

He works so hard to make my dreams come true, and that's why I love him!