Friday, April 8, 2011


 How I love a sunny day in Spring! The cows escaped today, and after having some fun with them in the yard (Emily was riding one like a horse!), Ben and I fixed the fence. Down at the barn my spirits soared when I saw that the Barn Swallows have made their return!! I am so happy that we can provide a nesting site for these lovely birds. They are the ultimate recyclers, as they reuse the same nests every year.

We've been having lots of eggs for's that time of year. Is there any comparison between the rich golden color of a farm egg and the pale yellow color of a store egg? Now I know all eggs come from farms, but that's how my kids distinguish food grown at home and food from the egg or store egg, cow's milk or store milk. Mary Margaret couldn't believe it (just last year) that the milk sold in stores comes from cows, too!

The children spent most of the day making a "village." They all made forts...Emily and Sam were running a flower and sandwich shop, and Oliver was the banker. They stayed busy all day in their forts, while I cleaned inside..with the windows open!

Here are the flowers bagged up to sell...amongst the hundreds of cans of tomatoes I bought dirt cheap at Martin's in the fall. I had actually bought two tubs that size, but we have used one of the tubs.

The children made their 'stores' in the basement and the surrounding out buildings...

A friend of mine told me about the Weight Watcher's cabbage soup...It is delicious. Sure to become a favorite!

I hope you are enjoying Spring, and that wherever this day finds you, you will have many blessed moments~