Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend Highlights

Anna cut her hair...

    And I did my best to fix it up! How can you go wrong with such a cute happy face? (I'll try not to think about the fact that I finally had grown her baby mullet out...) Daddy said, "Make sure you keep a bow in her hair..."
    We had a lovely evening walk, crisp, but not cold.
    Ben got a deer, and his Dad cleaned it all up and processed the meat...and lots of it!
    We had special visitors this lifelong best friend, Kristin and her boyfriend, Mossimo, here all the way from Italy. She was staying with her family in Charlottesville. Her thoughtful and kind sister arranged a surprise visit...Kristin didn't know she was coming to see us. We were both celebrating our leap to the big 40. Kristin's sister, Elizabeth, and her parents came, making the visit extra special. My parents came too, and we had a family reunion, of sorts.We had a grand visit...too short, but wonderful.
    Emily had three of her girlfriends over on Friday...They had a spa-at-home the next day. Don't they look like aliens?
    Mary Margaret joined in the fun!
    Some more weekend happenings:
*cleaning house
*Will went dirt bike racing with Samantha and her family
*Started reading The Freedom Of Simplicity
*Thinking about decluttering
*Soaking beans for ham soup
*Discovering Pandora radio and listening to Christmas music
* Christmas Lights up in bedrooms, joyous children
*talking to my sister on the phone
*I survived the tantrum of a lifetime!!!
*Lying in a cozy bed with candles lit
* A back rub from Ben
*making Avocado hair treatment with Emily